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402                               LIFE OF
"WE Iiave novr accompanied Huraboldt to the end
of tis political course, and liave arrived at the last
stages of Ms  life.     We  saw  how readily lie retired
from the service of the state when his talents were no
longer acceptable,    He returned to private life, but
he did not, therefore,  cease to  strive  and to work.
All the power and energy which lie had so success-
fully displayed in the  management of public affairs
were mow concentrated on science and art; his inquir-
ing spirit penetrated to the deepest and slightest pe-
culiarities of the manners^ and especially the languages,
of distant regions, and? with lucid spirit, sought their
connexion with the history of human civilization.   He
ornamented his family seat of Tegel by the coBection
of magnificent works of art,, and made it an intellec-
tual temple,  a cheerful asylum   for Ms friends,   an
instructive means of study  for himself.    There the
frequently   inspired   him,   and  he  composed.
minor  poems.    -Content   and calm5   full   of
confidence in an eternal existence, lie gently departed
from         circle of his friends, ever memorable to all
who knew Mca.
little          be hoped for on the field of politics at
that period ; a         character only inciured the dan-
ger of being soiled^ aad it had3 besides., been frequently
regretted that Hmnboldt had not leisure enough to
continue those Htenury labours for which he had shown.
great ability. He therefore devoted himself to
a           where something         might yet be achieved,
sometMttg new and important "be founded.    He